Medgear Development

“Saving Time By Design”
We are a unique Canadian company, utilising customised Eco-friendly recycled and medical grade plastic materials. Our products demonstrate strength, reliability, durability as well as functionality.
As a business-to-business organisation, we pride ourselves on custom made to order products. Medgear has made our mark for the past 18 years in the First Responder Sector including the police, fire services and paramedics.

Our History

At Medgear, since our start in 2002, we have slowly built up the company by providing first class designs and innovative products made in Uxbridge, Ontario, Canada. Our products range from uniforms, to packs, equipment and bags for the First Responder Sectors. We are very proud of our designs and particularly the functionality of our products. From Paramedic/EMS bags to front line PPE, we strive to provide long lasting premium gear at a good value cost.  
In 2017, we launched our Veterinarian supply line of products, including pet, sport hunting and fishing animal body bags. These products have been supplied to veterinarians and outdoor retailers throughout North America. We have also supplied local funeral homes with body bags using our superior medical grade plastics that outperforms any other body bag in the market.
In February 2020 we worked as a team to design, test and build a human body bag that would work for the potential pandemic fallout.
Initially we were unsure of the impact of COVID-19 domestically here in Canada and internationally. Once things hit in full force by mid-March, we continued to receive significant orders for body bags. Our COVID-19 specific bag allowed us to increase production while working closely with our customers in this market to ensure that no one ran out of bags when required. We re-tooled and installed new equipment in-house to speed up our capacity to handle the pandemic human fallout that followed.
We would like to thank our customers for their support, especially in 2020, for their trust in our Made in Ontario – Medgear products.


Our Team

Medgear’s leaders are experienced business professionals, with a wide  range of expertise from various business communities.
Our years in design,  manufacturing, sales and public relations, enables us to provide exceptional products and service to support the ever-changing needs of our customers.
Blaine Martin
President & CEO
Dr. Jason Steinman
Vice President
Robert Taylor